consultancy_2Do you need someone to look over your comp plan to see if it will work the way you want?

Do you need someone to help you get your online business up and running from conception to launch?

I can look over your comp plan, see if it works out mathematically. I have worked with some online business owners and have shown them where their plan was leaving money on the table where the member could make more money with the same initial investment. I have also shown other online business owners where they have ‘borrowed’ earnings from later levels to pay out more on earlier levels. That kind of plan is a plan for disaster for the owner.

Because I have started my own business from scratch, from picking the name, the color schemes, logos, comp plans, and working with programmers to actually doing the launch and afterwards, I can help a new business owner with the step by step means to launch a business in less time and more effectively than by doing it themselves.